How to ask better coaching questions

mountains sunset - How to ask better coaching questions

One of the most important parts of the coaching process is simply asking good questions. Not only is the way we ask a question important, but how we structure it and the content of it too. Here are some of the common mistakes and ways to improve the structure of the questions that you might […]

The Best Self-Coaching Technique

fountain pen journalling

When it comes to coaching, a fresh pair of eyes provides a new perspective and shows us our blind spots and obstacles. This is one of many reasons a good coach is very helpful and often irreplaceable. However, I believe it is possible to coach yourself to a certain extent.  Although it does come with […]

The 3 Levels of Listening

The 3 levels of listening

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak Epictetus Before going into the 3 levels of listening, I’m going to start with a short story. A great philosopher was once travelling in a car with three other men who sat at the back. The men […]

Big and small thinking

Along the path to success in whatever field you’re in, you may create big audacious goals for yourself.  Thinking big is common, and we’re often given the advice to set ‘huge’ goals and to think abundantly. Thinking big certainly has its place. It helps remind us to focus on the big picture and stretch beyond […]

Directive vs Non-Directive Coaching Styles


There are two types of coaching styles commonly practiced, directive coaching and non-directive coaching styles. Non-directive can also be called pure coaching. Coaching can combine a mixture of approaches and sometimes the distinction isn’t always very clear. Non-Directive Coaching Style A metaphor to describe a non-directive approach would be that of a compass. The idea is […]