Be more of a Systems Engineer than a Visionary

Everyone looks up to visionaries. When we think of great leaders we think of Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi or perhaps in the business world particular entrepreneurs. Although visionaries can inspire us, we’re less likely to succeed by setting huge goals and much more likely to succeed as a ‘Systems’ Engineer. A Systems Engineer plans and […]

Creating action steps

How often do you get overwhelmed just thinking about getting something significant done? Whether you’re writing a book that you’ve always dreamed of publishing or getting a business off the ground – it’s so easy to get stuck with the feeling of overwhelming looking at the mountain in front of you. When you look at […]

Big and small thinking

Along the path to success in whatever field you’re in, you may create big audacious goals for yourself.  Thinking big is common, and we’re often given the advice to set ‘huge’ goals and to think abundantly. Thinking big certainly has its place. It helps remind us to focus on the big picture and stretch beyond […]

The Practise of Creating Content

There are benefits of creating content consistently which go beyond marketing yourself or your business. Today there is a wide range of ways of creating content.  You can choose a method suitable for you and whatever is easiest for you.   Whether that means writing an article for your blog, creating videos, recording podcasts or sharing […]

Done is better than perfect

There’s a certain feeling of joy that comes from starting and finishing something through to completion.  Recently this was the case for me when I published a new book. Writing a book can easily continue for months if not years on end if you’re not careful.  The truth is a book, like any art, is […]

Overcoming Information Overload And Get Things Done

How do you get tasks done when there’s so much information available?  Do you feel confused about where to start?  Do you have a case of information overload? Here are some of the symptoms of information overload: Confusion, a lack of direction and inability to organise your ideas Feeling Tired, lack of energy and unable […]