Hey there, I’m Aneesh Alidina!

I’m an Author, Coach, Educator, and Web Developer from London UK.

On this site, you’ll find personal growth tips, coaching strategies, authentic business and productivity habits.

As I discover new ideas and insights, I reflect on them and share the most inspiring ones in my blog.

If you’re an entrepreneur, coach, consultant or creative, then my content will probably resonate with you.


  • In 2001, I started a domain name registration and web hosting business in my spare time building up 100’s of customers and selling it a few years later.
  • Early in my career, I relocated to New York City to pursue a career in corporate America just before the 2008 financial crisis.
  • As a web development professional, you can check out my portfolio here.  I’ve worked with startups, coaches, organisations and media businesses. I’ve learned lots along the way.

Personal Growth & Coaching

Alongside the challenges of work and life, I’ve sustained a deep interest in personal growth and developing coaching skills.

I have benefited by learning from many teachers over the years studying their philosophies (ancient and modern), from personal development programs, retreats, self-help books and courses.

In 2016, I experienced a shift in my beliefs and values and realised the right path forward was to be more authentic in all my choices.  Life’s too short, right?!

It was through pure serendipity I discovered the field of coaching and wrote a book: The Art of Authentic Coaching which released in September 2021.


The core question which I’m interested in: “How can we live better with more purpose and passion everyday?”.  Here are some of my values:


Living honestly
Seeking truth


Growing consciously


Having fun
Enjoying the journey


Embrace uncertainty
Act in spite of fear


Deeper Connection
Expand compassion


Live with Purpose
Explore creativity