Tools & Resources

The tools we choose really can make a difference to how we work and our productivity.  I hope you’ll find these resources useful:


Google Workspace  Lots of handy tools from Google, which include Docs, Forms, Sheets, Drive, Gmail and more.

OneTab  If you use Chrome, this is a handy extension to reduce tab clutter.

Collaboration on Projects

Trello  I’ve used this for collaborating on projects.  If you’re working with a team/client and need to share updates and files, this is a useful tool.

Monday  This is another project management tool I’ve used for collaboration.

Web Tools

ChatGPT   Incredibly useful AI tool for virtually everything you need to get done. Use it for helping with new ideas, decision making, co-creating and more.

Grammarly  Helps with correcting spelling and grammar online, also available as a Chrome Extension.

TinyPng   Useful tool for quickly compressing image files to reduce their size and performance

Website Platform

WordPress —  I’ve used WordPress for a number of years and love the flexibility, but it’s not for everyone and would only recommend it if you have patience in learning to use it.

SquareSpace A good alternative to WordPress and would recommend it if you have no web development experience. It has lots of features and great place to start.

Wix  Another alternative platform for all your webpages and blogging content.