The Art of Authentic Coaching

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Download #1:

Suggested Exercise - Wheel of Authentic Living

The wheel of life is a simple yet effective coaching tool.

It shows graphically like a birds-eye view or a snapshot of what your journey of growth currently looks like.

It helps a coach or client understand where to start coaching.

It helps understand oneself better, and easily identify any areas to develop and grow in.

Here are some of the key benefits of using the wheel:

  • It helps create balance in your life and brings more self-awareness
  • Easily see the areas that can be addressed through coaching
  • It’s flexible and adaptable to various situations
  • You can use it to see your highest priorities and it’s easy to repeat again
  • The model is normally represented by a circle which is divided into eight segments.
  • Each segment represents a key area of your life that is important to you.

Once you have downloaded the sheet, follow the instructions provided and take a look at your completed wheel.

You can revisit this exercise every six months or year to see how the key areas of your life change over time.

Download #2:

Bonus - Discovering Purpose with Ikigai