The One Hour of Creativity Morning Routine

What time of day when you feel most creative? Photographers have a window of time shortly after sunrise or before sunset.  During this time, the lighting is warm and the pictures look brilliant. I would like to share a daily practice which can give amazing benefits, called the ‘hour of creativity’. I believe everyone can […]

2 Unusual Sources of Ideas

1. The Natural World Who’s the greatest creator of all? Mother nature of course. From the lakes, oceans and trees to the wildlife and the tiniest living organisms. Nature is forever busy making and breaking things, and we can learn a lot from it. Many great inventions have been inspired by observing nature. The Kingfisher […]

Asking Powerful Questions

Asking the right questions is often more important than the answers themselves.  Asking powerful questions opens the window of opportunity for someone to discover something new, and opens the door to deeper creativity. Here are some of the things that asking a powerful question can do for us: Stimulate creativity, new ideas, and break away […]