Finding Your Path: The Creators Way vs. The Marketers Way

Solopreneurs and businesses have a choice between two distinct paths to how they will grow whether they are aware of it or not. Both can be combined if there are resources for but often there’s a pull towards one or the other.

These are ‘The Creators Way’ and ‘The Marketers Way.’ Understanding how these work and how they can combine together can help you understand your own path.

The Marketers Way:

This approach involves using paid advertising on platforms such as GoogleAds or social media to drive traffic to a product-selling webpage. The focus is on a direct sale rather than building an initial relationship.

The Marketers Way is about going quickly, ensuring your business appears at the top of search results or social media feeds. But this path requires ongoing costs to stay visibile, so it can be pretty expensive if it doesn’t work well.

People who use this method often have polished offerings, and they really need it to convert well so that it stays sustainable and profitable.

The Creators Way:

‘The Creators Way’ is a more organic route and more focused on audience building. It involves consistently creating valuable content that gradually builds a true audience over time.

This path relies on the demand for content on various platforms, allowing brands to grow without huge financial costs involved with direct Ads pointing to a specific webpage. In this path you might run Ads to promote your content rather than marketing a product.  The focus is on building an authentic following.

Choosing Your Way:

I like the ‘The Creators Way’ because of its authenticity and organic growth. It involves a different mindset. You build lasting connections with audiences through word-of-mouth and genuine interest, reducing the need for continuous Ad campaigns to a new audience. This path establishes you as an influencer who creates content consistently over the long term.

There is also a personal development aspect to this path. Creating content consistently and sharing your best ideas requires creativity and self-discipline.

Where to go from here:

As businesses you need to understand these two marketing paths, and the differences between each of these, which will be important for making decisions that align with personal values and sustained growth.

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