News updates

I’m adding this new part of my site which I’m going to call simply ‘News’. It will be things like what I’m working on, improvements to the site, announcements, sharing my journey, projects and personal thoughts.

Software products usually have a ‘changelog’ where they will announce what’s in the new version. That’s how I see this part of the News section could be. It could work as a changelog for the site, so anything significant I’m changing or adding to the site I’ll add to this News area as an update.

Here are a few areas which I’m looking to add or have recently added. It’s all subject to change, but here goes:

  • Portfolio – as you may know, as well as writing, I’m also a web developer/designer. I’ve recently added my portfolio of some of the websites that I’ve made over the years.
  • Book Summaries – one area which I’ve been looking to add is a section for book summaries of some of the best books that I’ve personally read and would like to share.
  • Tools – all the most useful software tools which I use for creating this blog/website.
  • Listen on the go – I like to listen to content on the go, in audio format. So I can listen when I’m going for a walk, driving or relaxing with my eyes closed. I’m sure a lot of people have similar habits.

Just to clarify who this site is primarily for. Often we don’t really know exactly who will gain the most value from the content that we create, and it can evolve over time.

At the moment I see this site is broadly for coaches, consultants, creators, entrepreneurs. The topics that I’m likely to cover are coaching tips, habits, productivity, fulfilment and finding your passion/calling, business and anything related to authentic personal growth.

Ultimately there’s no right or wrong way to build your site. It’s really up to you, and that’s where the challenge lies, you’re starting with a completely blank canvas. If you like the way I’ve structured my site, feel free to use the same structure.