24 Internet

In 2001, I just created my first website


It was Feb 2001, the dot-com bubble just crashed and I was pleased to have just published my very first website. It was the start of a new era, and I was fascinated by the future potential of the web. This became a passion project while I was still at Uni and beyond.

The site offered my own web hosting, web design and domain name registration services. I spent hours tweaking the design of the site using a tool called Dreamweaver before WordPress was around. I learnt HTML, CSS and added Perl scripts for extra functionality like domain name search, e-commerce and web forms.

I ran the business for a few years in my spare time and built it up to around 400 customers with a limited marketing budget. In 2004 I sold it as I had decided to change my focus.

Services: Web Design, Web Development