The Growth and Popularity of Coaching

“The unexamined life is not worth living” ― Socrates

Coaching doesn’t have an inventor or founder, and it’s difficult to say when life coaching actually first began. But our natural search for happiness, purpose and helping people understand themselves better has been going on since humans first started communicating with each other.

Humans are a part of nature and not something separate, and like all living things, we seem to have a natural movement towards expansion and growth, whether we choose it or not.

Physically we have evolved as much as we can, and we’re unlikely going to grow another nose, finger or limb! The only direction human beings are likely to evolve is in our personal development, knowledge, spirit and our understanding of our own selves and the universe around us.

Coaching is a powerful way of increasing our self-awareness and developing our potential, whether that would be in relationships, health, career or anything else in our lives that we want to improve or understand better.

The first use of the term “coach” in connection to sports came in 1861. Since then, coaching has been shaped by a number of different fields from education and personal development to psychology and leadership development.

Coaching has grown tremendously in popularity, and thousands of people everyday become coaches through training for both personal and professional reasons.

Not only is coaching an indispensable tool for our modern world, it’s a framework, tool and technique to access a deeper level of wisdom and creativity which is within us all.
Just as there are many forms of coaching, there are many situations in which people may seek out a coach. Here are just a few reasons:

  • To help you gain more clarity and find direction
  • To help you understand and reach your potential
  • To keep you stay motivated and accountable for your actions
  • To help you keep focussed on what’s really important
  • To help understand yourself better
  • To help increase your feeling or wellbeing and happiness

A true, authentic coach can work with you and help you through all kinds of situations by asking you the right questions through a coaching process.
Let coaching be part of your personal growth story.

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