The Practise of Creating Content

There are benefits of creating content consistently which go beyond marketing yourself or your business.

Today there is a wide range of ways of creating content.  You can choose a method suitable for you and whatever is easiest for you.  

Whether that means writing an article for your blog, creating videos, recording podcasts or sharing photos.

Here are some of the benefits you may experience as a result of sharing your content consistently:

Understanding Yourself.  As you create content you begin to understand your own process of thinking.  Many authors speak about the clarity of thinking that comes from self-expression, this is especially true for writing.

There’s a practice called morning pages which you might want to explore.

Helping Others.  Your content might help others with problems they have.  You probably know alot more than you think about a particular topic which you are passionate about.  Why not explore together by sharing what you know and help others along the way?

Building an Audience.  Creating a business is about collaborating and connecting with potential customers and clients.  Businesses that provide real value don’t work in isolation.  The more you share, the more you’ll get feedback from your fans about what resonates with them and what they really care about.

Visibility.  As a result of sharing your knowledge, you’ll gain visibility.  People will recommend you if they like your content.  If you create content consistently you can even put your blog posts together into a book or ebook format.

So how do I start creating content consistently?  There are two ways that seem to work for creating and content consistently, they are:

  • Create a writing habit. This means writing regularly (daily or weekly), adhering to it consistently.  This technique helps you to practice consistently.  It’s a solid way to build up your work slowly and steadily.  This is a great way for beginners to start.  For instance, you could start with a goal of writing just 100-200 words per day.
  • Inspired writing.   This may seem more like a more advanced technique but it’s more natural method.  Once you’ve mastered the art of writing consistently, you may have more inspired ideas and want to write about a range of topics.  Instead of writing because of habit, you write because you’re inspired.

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