Learn to enjoy the journey not just the final result

This simple idea will guarantee more fulfilment – focus on learning to enjoy the entire process of business building which includes each task, not just obsessing with the end goal or result.

It’s like going on a personal growth journey, where we learn and grow as we create something special.

Notice how you feel when you’re creating that blog post, doing social media updates, recording a video or marketing.

These actions are an essential part of growing a business and you’ll spend a lot of time in your working life doing them. Challenge yourself – are you able to enjoy or at least appreciate these daily actions? The result is made up of the daily actions.

The problem with always focusing on the end goal is that you keep looking at the end goal and see where you currently are and it’s so easy to feel disappointed.

With this future-directed mindset, once you get to the destination, you’ll always see another destination.

Simply learning to enjoy the process instead can be a completely transformational experience. Enjoying each step of the journey and appreciating the small actions taken consistently.

Every milestone, no matter how small, is a reason to be grateful. By enjoying each step, we can find happiness in our progress. Enjoying all the little moments that make the journey worthwhile.

By building relationships and working together by networking and collaborating with like-minded people, we can learn from each other and support one another with small consistent steps.

About Aneesh Alidina

Aneesh is a Coach, Explorer and Creator.
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