Systems Engineering for your life

Everyone looks up to visionaries. When we think of great leaders we think of Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi or perhaps in the business world particular entrepreneurs.

Although visionaries can inspire us, we’re less likely to succeed by setting huge goals and much more likely to succeed as a ‘Systems’ Engineer.

A Systems Engineer plans and puts in place new systems in their life to be more productive.  They follow a particular routine everyday.

System Engineers find and troubleshoot deficiencies in what they are currently doing, as well as improving existing systems with upgrades.

A System is your routine, regular practice or action that you take consistently.  Although having goals is a smart thing to do, goals alone aren’t usually enough.

It’s the actions we take on a daily basis which determine the greatest impact in the long-term.

Think about what systems you have created and what you can improve on.

Regular habits get results when you’ve taken the right actions over and over again and built up enough momentum.

If you’re working solo, rather than in a team, you’re responsible for everything, and you need to take on the responsibility of your results.

What systems do you have in place?  For example, what systems have you put into place for creating regular content?  What about increasing your productivity?

Review all the things that you do, what is currently working and what can you do more consistently?  What can you remove?  What part of the system can you make more efficient?

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