Make something you’d want to use yourself

Imagine a world where everyone created things that they loved. 

When I create content, I try to think of important ideas that I wish I knew earlier, and would save me time and energy.

When you make something that you want to use yourself, you’re automatically a customer of your own product. You have something you can understand intimately.

Every flourishing business usually operates in some kind of niche.  Large corporations start out operating in some kind of niche market.

A niche is your specialism, segment or special place in the market.  It helps you focus on a particular type of customer.

Not only does making something you’d want clarify your niche, but it also makes it more relatable to your potential clients.

You are also less likely to fail, because you’re already the customer in mind – yourself. Also, you‘ll make something that’s longer-lasting.

When starting a new venture, you need to make a ton of decisions.  What if after all that work you don’t have any customers interested in it?

Creating something you want to use yourself you have at least one highly engaged person interested in the product or service.

An alternative if you’re in the business of coaching or training others – choose a topic which you’d want to learn lot about yourself.

Perhaps your service is related to something which you would have really wanted at another point in your life or business journey.

It’s okay if you don’t have all the answers, in the beginning, it can take time to clarify this and does take some patience to get right.  And of course, things evolve over time.

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