Make something you’d want to use yourself

Imagine a world where everyone created things that they loved or were interested in.  When I create content, I try to think of topics that I wish I knew about earlier in life. When you make something that you want to use yourself, you automatically have a customer and a niche too. You have something […]

How to Choose Your Domain Name Wisely

A question that I have often been asked, and something I’ve gotten stuck with myself is how do you decide on a domain name? This can almost go on endlessly if you allow it to. It can prevent you from even getting started on your business idea in the first place, because you really want that […]

Finding your passion

You’ve probably heard the advice that goes along the lines“do what you love” or “just follow your passion!“.  You hear it everywhere. Do you know what your passion is? And what if you’re not clear what it really is? You may find lots of advice (often conflicting) about how to discover your passion or ‘finding […]